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  • Klima
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    Eine etwas andere betrachtung zum Thema ...
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  • Green Gold - Documentary by John D. Liu
    by Achim Müller 990 0 0
    "It's possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems." Environmental film maker John D. Liu documents large-scale ecosystem restoration projects in China, Africa, South America and the Middle East, highlighting the enormous benefits for people and planet of undertaking these efforts globally.
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  • Global Energy and Carbon - Tracking Our Footprint
    by Achim Müller 886 0 0
    Tracking Our Footprint follows families in the United States, India and Cameroon to examine how energy is used in three economies: industrialized, emerging, and developing. This documentary explores options to manage carbon emissions from energy use while providing adequate access to energy for the worlds growing populations.
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  • Plastic Pullution in the Oceans - Documentary
    by Achim Müller 947 1 0
    A documentary about one of our most urgent issues: Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental problems we face nowadays. Micro plastic particles originating from dumping waste into our oceans meanwhile reached a concentration level which is not only inacceptable, but also endangers our natural ecosystems in a global scale - including mankind. Also check out our other Videos on our YouTube channel on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqtXM8hAasHneg3KGERZ16Q
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