New business paradigms - The Cooperative Principle of world's first online Cooperative
Posted by Achim Müller  . August 26, 2018
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Video Description
The cooperative principle.

Our current business life is characterized by competition. The cooperative principle is offering a different solution - competition replaced by cooperation, economic warfare replaced by strategic alliances, the risk of failure replaced by the chance to thrive. Win-Win situations generated by principle ...

TrufaNet offers more than only products and services. It also opens new opportunities for earning money - easy, effective and free. For sure You can use TrufaNet only as an online shopping mall, as you are used to. But there are more opportunities than that - You also can start earning money with our Sales Partner system, or even build up Your own business. All basic features You need for that are free. All You need is an email address to register Your account.

To learn more about our cooperative business strategy and its conditions, please watch the video.