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Initiative for the Expansion of Planetary Consciousness


The IEPC Initiative for the Expansion of Planetary Consciousness is a joint project of the Orgware Sustainability Network and the Algarve Truffles Cooperative.


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  • Raising Planetary Awareness


    Synergies for awareness are created through the interconnection of researchers, scientists and activists and through the integration of new consciousness-related technologies into business administration and (political) society.

    At the edge of everyday usage and breakthrough of artificial intelligence technologies, today`s and future generations are facing various challenges. From climate change, to problems with food and water resources, hygienic problems, caused by growing populations, as well as social tensions out of religious and cultural misunderstandings, economic imbalance and struggle.

    Despite of the enormous scientific and social advances in western societies, most of the world`s population is still suffering under middle-age like conditions. Headways of actual evolvements are climate-induced social conflicts and migration problems, mostly caused by short-viewed geopolitical and religious interests. Modern information technologies offer great chances and manifold possibilities of overcoming barriers and spreading knowledge. But seen pooled with the actual progress in robotics and coming artificial intelligence proficiencies, future of societies appears rather shady. As human work becomes more and more specialized and numerous jobs will be replaced by automats or artificial intelligence, the social gap between the uneducated, poorer parts and sophisticated, wealthy parts of societies will spread even more. This will affect first world cultures as well as developing regions, which suffer in addition from the absence of basic supply, lack of organizational structures and which are also confronted with climatic and resource-related problems. Intensification of land use, driven by broadcasting of the “Green” economy is even worsening the problems as it actively disregards the main cause of today’s pressure on usable agricultural land: previous overuse and actual ecosystem-degrading, non-sustainable, monoculture use practice.

    To overcome the (mental) barriers, which such a multiplicity of challenges requires, a top-down approach would only mislead to come again into the next round of ideological struggling. As resolutions for most of them are already developed, but lack of application, progress can merely perform in the fields of understanding, learning, self-empowerment and awareness.

    Knowledge transference, providing sustainable, practical and cheap solutions is necessary, but finds its limitation within cultural, social, religious, economic and (geo-) political obstructions.

    Deficits of social and individual identity and awareness are also great problems for “richer” countries, as social gaps and unemployment increase. Even with higher living standards, a “personality-vacuum” appears from lack of inspiring, sense-creating occupation, leading to various social difficulties and religious outgrows.

    The challenge of integrating awareness for common (partly selfless-appearing) action into business, political and personal affairs can only be faced from an attitude, as well impending from ”inside”, changing knowledge, mind- and action schemes, as being driven by economic profits to refinance and reason the efforts of the alteration process for economic players.

    Again, many answers for mitigation of climate change followings, sustainable production of food, housing and energy, clean water technology and hygienic problems (-even very inexpensive and simple ones!) have already been found, still missing is consciousness: the willingness and awareness to implement and to spread knowledge in a way it can be accepted and applied. A change of perspective onto an integrated, accepting, sharing, planetary point of view is also required, as difficulties affect more and more globally.

    Planetary consciousness for sustainable development, peace and mutual growth

    Mainstream science and the “public opinion” are far from being aware of the interconnections between cultural and economic fears for existence, missing drive and responsiveness as problems related to degradation of resources, poverty and migration. Thus, there are still no public responses to these consciousness-related enquiries.

    The Initiative for the Expansion of Individual & Open-Collective Planetary Consciousness will help to face these severe challenges by incorporating a broader way of sight into societies, implementing an economically and socially self-running process of positive change.


The IEPC Initiative for the Expansion of Planetary Consciousness is a joint project of the Orgware Sustainability Network and the Algarve Truffles Cooperative.

Our emphases are:

- Collective and Individual Self-Empowerment
- Individual & Collective Spiritual Growth
- (Inter-) Planetary Development
- Sustainable Economy & Income
- Sustainable Livelihoods
- Physical Health & Wellbeing
- Sustainable Food Production
- (Future) Clean Energy Usage
- Clean Water Cycles
- Communication Enhancement / Free Communication - Ecosystem Restoration