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GloverzoneDLPictures is the American Film Company that Produces and Creates Films For The Future.

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GloverzoneDLPictures is the American Film Company that Produces and Creates Films For The Future. Co-Founded and Co-Owned By Ian C. Glover & Saskia Van Buren October 8th, 2011. We accept unsolicited material and we help package in development projects. We also manage a plethora of filmmakers and talent and we run social media marketing campaigns for upcoming projects that seek to develop a fan base. Ranked in the top 100 companies in the world on IMDBPro at the rank of 64, GloverzoneDLPictures is the first film company in history to bring forth The World Of The Future. GloverzoneDLPictures intends to spearhead a new era through cinema, one of the most efficacious forms of in-taking information and the development of the collective psyche. We Create and Produce highly conscious films with widely sought out original subject material. The world of the future is one of enlightenment, higher consciousness, the thriving of business, free markets and individuals in the global economy of unlimited possibilities. The World of the Future also exists sociologically through harmony and brilliant minds working together in their God Given intended capacities.


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